Friday 27 September 2019

Not Riding Scenes From The Barn

Aka: My Other Vacation Photos

It's been such a nice week off! I've loved having a break from commuting so far, and it's been wonderful to be able to see the horses and spend time at the barn each day. You already know I got a lot of riding and some big goals checked off this week, but it's fun to share the day to day stuff too. Here's how I spent my vacation:

Early morning pony feedings. I need the Jaws theme here.

How cute is  this one?

Or this one?

And of course this one:

I did some hiking and gardening:

It rained. A lot.

Both ponies got out for multiple hikes with us though, too

Bridget got some glamour shots:

Not pictured: the epic rainfall I was standing in, lol
Sophie spent time refreshing groundwork:

I gained a new friend:

This raven shares Bridget's meals with her and follows me around and waits for me to bring the horses grain.
And, of course you already know there have been some pretty epic smiles and happy moments:

We've got a few more fun things planned for the weekend, and the weather is supposed to be spectacular. I can't wait!


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