Friday 11 May 2018

One Week

With taking a few days for a mini vacation, then returning to work for a few more, I went a week away from home. If you've been reading this blog for a long time, you'll know that prior to my current work schedule  I've been away anywhere from weeks to months at a time due to work commitments and assorted adventures, so being away from home isn't a new thing for me.

I'm not sure entirely what's changed, but gradually it's been getting harder and harder to be away for big lengths of time. I mean, I'm happy enough and having fun, but there's definitely a feeling of being homesick that I haven't ever had before.

I'm sure it's not the physical place I'm missing...I don't mind my hometown, but if I could choose to live anywhere, I doubt that it would even make a top ten list. So, yeah, I more I think G and I have built a pretty happy existence the last few years and it's all about who I'm missing, rather than what.

I got home late Wednesday night, and caught up with G (and our cat, who is sure he is the most important 'person' to me).
Packing himself so I won't "forget" him next time

Yesterday I had to sit through the torture of a day of working from home before I could visit the horses. I don't mind my job, but on a gorgeous sunny day after a week away from the horses? My inner 10 year old is alive and well and desperately wanted to play hooky :)

The barn is only 10 min from our house, so I arrived at 5:10.

Bridget: "Hey Dinner Lady, I'm over here!" I know she's mine and I should get over it, but I'm still like "Eek, she's so cute! Give her more treats!"

First thing I noticed? Sophie, whose weight I was getting worried about last week? Looks not too bad this week. Baby horse feeding struggles are real.

Not so bad
But so bum high right now! I don't care if she goes over pony height, but I should measure her just to see how tall she is right now. She was 14hh at the PPE in the beginning of March. Also, it's a bit weird, but in the last six weeks, her feet have grown to look more like normal horse feet, not tiny baby feet.

Second thing? Both ponies are still way too fuzzy for our summertime temperatures. Both have been shedding mountains of hair for 6 weeks now and aren't done yet. I have no idea why or how they got so furry, but a set of clippers is on my wish list for fall.

Look at the darker color coming through on Sophie's shoulder now...the end of shedding may finally be near :)

Third thing? Pretty sure I own the world's most 'helpful' baby pony, lol.

Helping to clean her bathtub (her water trough)

Last week, helping muck out. I just love her. She's really bonded to me already too, which is neat - it took Bridget and I over a year to warm up to each other and there are still days where I think she's not overly impressed that I'm around :)

This weekend, we've got nothing too big planned. B and I were supposed to go to a dressage show, but my lack of motivation, and our recent lack of a fitting saddle means I'm in no way prepared or inclined to make that happen. It's so weird, I know I said I wanted to focus on dressage, but mostly I am missing eventing right now and kind of sad that I found a dressage saddle first! Maybe the internet will come through for me in the jump saddle department. Both of Bridget's now-too-big saddles are out on trial at the moment. Wish us would be nice to have the funds from those to get a nice jump saddle for her.

For now, B and I will just be over here doing more trail riding, and lots and lots of groundwork and outings for baby Sophie. I'm counting down the days now, hopefully by the end of May I will only work 4 day weeks and only 3 days away - lots more time for riding adventures!



  1. Have a nice weekend being home!! Sounds lovely! I think Sophie is going to be a lovely color (Remus is like ten different shades of buckskin right now too, this winter hair has to go soon) :)

    She definitely looks better this week but boy she is uneven HA! But so helpful a pony baby!!

    And Bridget. Oh Bridget. Such a cutie and she knows it

    Enjoy being home ;)

  2. I find it hard to be away from home too- I think when there's so much there that brings you joy going away becomes hard.

  3. I don’t mind traveling but there’s always a deep pleasant relief in being home ;)

  4. My fingers are crossed for y'all on the jump saddle - it sounds like Bridget would really enjoy that, too. Maybe it's just the thing you two need to get your mojo back.

  5. I definitely miss people over places too <3