About Me

 Where to start? My introduction to horses started at age 11 and involved trading many hours of labour for the use of one very patient pony. Most of my weekends and summers were spent at the barn with a group of likeminded girls and ponies. We grew up with very little supervision and minimal tack, and knew nothing of Pony Club or lessons. Yet somehow we survived (with only a few scars and a lot of good stories).

I've been blogging since 2012, and this blog has seen me partnered with a few different horses, seen me move all over Western Canada, and seen a lot of highs and lows in life and riding. I have a love for dressage and eventing that is frequently interrupted by long breaks of trail riding adventures. I hope you'll stick around to follow our further adventures. Feel free to leave comments, and to share your own blog and social media links and thoughts - I love hearing from everyone and feel very lucky to be part of such a great community.


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