Sunday 13 May 2018

Baby Pony Adventures

Oh boy, someone is feeling quite settled in and confident in herself these days.

Not naming any names but here's a mug shot of the problem child :)
Since I do have plans of her growing up to be a responsible member of horsey society, Ms Sophie Banana had a pretty busy few days after she forgot her manners on Thursday night and pretty much tried to drag me the entire way to the arena grounds. Obviously, going places is so fun and exciting she forgot to pack her brain :)

I don't get the feeling she's intentionally testing my boundaries just for something to do, more she's just got so much energy and enthusiasm she's not sure what to do with it all and focusing is HARD. She reminds me so much of my coach's mare (and my barn favorite) Audrey. They're two peas in a pod as far as the whole "I want-to-be-a-good-girl-but-SQUIRREL!" thing they've got going on. My coach sees great humor in this, since I've said forever I want my own mini Audrey, but we both know I meant her athleticism and talent, not so much her extra special temperament :)

So friendly, tho. She comes running when I call her or she sees me. 

Friday, I taught Sophie to pony off Bridget and took them on a big adventure. She's a smart cookie, so really no issues teaching her and a fantastic way to burn off some energy. The challenge was all about keeping a lid on Bridget's opinions of the whole thing (another blog post on that later - it was quite humorous!)
Bridget was so mad...this is the best picture I could get afterwards. Totally holding a grudge,  lol

Saturday, Bridget got a reward in the form of a spa day and trail ride to the lake without her annoying "sister", which she seemed to appreciate. Sophie got a good grooming and a groundwork recap. She's a funny thing, because again, she's not deliberately disrespectful..she just LOVES hanging out and is so easily distracted it plays out a little like this:

Me: Sophie, walk on.
Sophie: I'm walking! I'm walking right beside you! This is so fun! Hey, hello, are you having fun? * turns and presses nose into my shoulder*
Me: Sophie...nose to yourself, personal space is a thing, we discussed this!
Sophie: Oh sorry! I'm a really good girl! I'm listening! Listening to everything! What's that over there? We should go see!!!
Me: Sophie, pay attention! 
Sophie: Sorry! I love you! I love you so much! I love that we're hanging out together right now! We're still besties, right?! Can I smell your hair?
Me: Sophie...nose to yourself...please!

Sunday was hoof trimming day, which again, she thought was far too fun and distracting. She's such a baby, equal parts fascinated with her own hoof getting rasped on the hoof stand and the farrier's hat. I measured her too, and the results were surprising! She looks a bit taller than Bridget, but is actually an inch shorter due to Bridget having withers and Sophie having none. Bridget measured 14hh, Sophie 13.3.

Still so teeny.

I took her for a walk to eat some grass and she was actually really well behaved...I guess she was finally tired enough the reminders of the past few days sunk in.

Long story short, a tired baby pony is a good baby pony. Sadly, I bought a very busy and athletic baby pony, so the tired part is going to take a lot of work!


  1. But she's the CUTEST problem child :D <3

  2. lol gotta love those adorable little handfuls ;)

  3. I'm going through the "I see you are doing the thing. I would also like to be doing the thing with you--RIGHT with you!" phase with Opie right now, too. Personal space is so overrated. ;)

  4. lol, that conversation reminded me of the ones I used to have with Steele. I love baby brain. Also, B's photo is hilarious- so many emotions.

  5. Aaahhhh I love her! What a cute little persistent bug she is.

  6. haha yes I always say that too, tired young horses are good young horses