Wednesday 23 May 2018

Better Balance

In the balanced hooves saga, we've found someone willing to travel here next week to trim the ponies. I still fully intend to learn to trim both ponies myself, but Sophie's feet have a few different things going on right now and some professional guidance will be very welcome!

B has great feet, at least

In the balanced saddle journey, both of Bridget's now too wide saddles sold to new homes. Yay! I've got a dressage saddle for her now that is still a bit wide, but I'm hopeful that when she builds up her topline a bit again that it will be better. Right now, though, it tips ever so slightly forward and I'm not loving it. I've got a riser pad on order, but meh, I'm less than enthused about this saddle. So, I went and bought an older Frank Baines dressage saddle to try. Fingers crossed. Still no jumping saddle, and of course now that means I'm super frustrated about it and  I want to jump all the things!

In the meant time I bought this:

Guess you could say we're getting serious about this trail riding pony thing.

And have been doing our flat work in it. It's actually working super well for us both! B is very forward and happy, and I'm realizing just how much our previous saddles were NOT fitting me. So nice to just sit and let my leg hang where it needs to - no fighting anything.

Of course, my balance needs some help. I'm noticing I'm particularly ineffective in canter to trot transitions, sort of collapsing and falling into it (and letting Bridget do the same) and in general I haven't been using my core as much as I should. Hunching your shoulders and rounding your lower back doesn't feel 'right' without a saddle, so I'm hopeful I'll be better about looking up and keeping my shoulders aligned with my hips. Funny how it's fairly easy to have a wonky position in a saddle and then you ride bareback and it's immediately obvious that there's a better, easier, way to position yourself!
B has no issues with pony yoga balance

While I am very much missing lessons and showing, I'm also enjoying this relaxed schedule and the lack of pressure I feel. I'm having fun riding bareback, so what's the rush to buy a saddle? Dressage tests practiced at home have no tack or attire rules. Maybe I'll get braver and start jumping sans saddle too, who knows :)

Showing her loss of topline due to my lack of a focused conditioning schedule, but LOOK, DAPPLES!

In other horse/life balance news, I've been asked if I would sell Ginger. I'm thinking it's time, and am open to it, provided the fit is a good one. Further discussions pending, but I'm hopeful there will be some positive change in both of our futures.


  1. Fingers crossed that you guys find an amazing saddle and yay for hoof trimming support!

  2. Glad you were able to find someone to trim the ponies while you learn!

    I hear ya on the saddle woes... I'm still waiting for my custom to arrive. Sigh. Hopefully you find something soon!

    And that is exciting about Ginger - hopefully it all works out!

  3. Ha, I just rode bareback tonight and kept getting uncomfortable then realizing it was because I was heading for fetal-position-land. You’re right that it’s so much easier to tell!

  4. That's a lot of news! You're inspiring me to get out my bareback pad! Good luck with the continued feet and saddle plans :)

  5. I really want to ride my ding dong bareback soon, so good for balance!

  6. DAPPLES! And I LOVE bareback pads - especially in the summer. That's awesome that you're both enjoying it so much <3

  7. intriguing prospect about ginger- keep us posted!