Thursday 3 May 2018

Busy, Busy

Actual riding has just not been happening on any sort of regular basis the past month. I've got out 2 or 3 times a week at most, and a lot of that has been quiet hacks up to the lake or down to the arena to chat with friends, more just taking my walking couch for a spin, lol. Sophie gets out about once a week off the farm, just walking in hand, or if she's super spicy, with a little bit of round pen work added. Which, is actually fine. I needed the time out badly and it's luckily coincided with the whole saddle issue (found a dressage one, still lacking a jump saddle that fits the not fat version of Bridget).

Whee! My now 2 year old looks like a just turned 1 year old, so teeny and cute lol

I'm starting to get a little more motivated again now though! The weather has been beautiful and the facebook updates from friends starting their show seasons, not to mention the live streams of Kentucky and Badminton are making me miss all things riding! I think even Midge is getting bored with being a weekend warrior trail riding/drill team pony.

We go somewhere now?

Somehow, though, I forgot how much work it is owning two ponies? There's a couple of little things that will even out over time - right now their vet and farrier visits don't align, and I needed to get an idea of how much hay to order (and when) as well, so there have been a couple of extra deliveries that could have been avoided had I planned better. Little things, but as you all know, that one extra farrier/vet/hay delivery takes time.

I'm lucky in that neither pony is particularly messy in their stall or paddock ( they each have big paddocks with a shelter/stall, and a field to graze, weather permitting), so right now I am getting away with picking poo only a couple of times a week (so lucky!)

That saved mucking time gets lost though, in owning a palomino. I groom the ponies every time I'm there because it's a good way to check them over, also Sophie needs the consistency. I certainly don't get either of them looking show ring ready, more aiming for 'non feral'..and that's actually a challenge with a shedding blonde pony who sleeps in mud puddles. Also, she LOVES being groomed and I'm a bit of a pushover and easily convinced to brush her 'just for a couple more minutes' ;)

Oh hi!
Oh my goodness. I promise you she has a nice stall full of fluffy shavings to lie in and a nice dry part of her paddock...and yet.

This week, my work schedule is a bit messed up, and then we're having a weekend getaway in Whistler/Vancouver. As promised, I'm spending some of that time and money I had set aside for showing to spend quality time with G instead. I'm looking forward to it! I suspect we'll still find time to visit a couple of tack stores and maybe the racetrack, though :)

Anyway, I'm already feeling refreshed and ready to tackle all things riding goals again. I'm still unsure of what that future holds with B, but I'm excited to find out.



  1. glad you're feeling refreshed and energized again. also, yea sometimes i'm pretttty grateful to own a mud colored horse lol

  2. So glad to read that you are starting to feel renewed! Have fun on your trip!

  3. Glad you are feeling better and ready to get back at it. Enjoy your trip :)