Tuesday 10 October 2017

Weekend Shenanigans

This past weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. *Spoiler alert*, I am a bad person and tend to avoid traditional long weekend shenanigans like the plague. I knew the ferries would be a zoo, G was otherwise occupied, and I just couldn't find a good reason to brave crazy travel and family commitments without the moral support he provides.  So, I, stayed on the lower coast and instead gave my thanks for an extra day at the barn.

For those of you curious about the LOA thing, it was...denied! But, that's actually a good thing because we talked about it and decided there are other options. It sounds like they're going to allow me to work from home (up coast with G) 2 or 3 days a week instead, on a trial basis in Nov/Dec. This is a great thing, because I didn't actually want to not work...I  really just wanted less time travelling and being pulled in all directions, and more time with G. Traditionally, my work has been very inflexible, so to accomplish my vision of a simpler life I thought I'd just need to take the time off. Luckily, my new boss is from the 21st century, and now there may be better options on the table!
Off topic, but remember my 'friend' from the dressage show? I need to confirm whether this is a true story, but I heard second hand that at the last horse trials my barnmate was held on course due to him hanging out in front of her next fence. This pic that came across my facebook feed shows him at a clinic this past weekend and seems to confirm that the story I heard might be true!  Pretty sure he must be an eventing fan, at least?

So, with that news, I spent part of this weekend scheming and planning. Since I'll only need to sit at my 'real' desk 2 or 3 days a week, it makes sense to move Bridget home with me temporarily. I've found a basic boarding situation near enough to my house, and super close to the best trails and the local club grounds, so it looks like riding 4 or 5 days a week can still be a thing! I'm just leasing a paddock and a shelter, so I'm looking forward to taking back full control of Bridget's diet, fitness, and daily routine.

I've discussed with EC, and it sounds like she'd be willing to come up for a clinic once a month if a can find some people to share, so our progress doesn't need to be put on hold. Honestly, though, as you all know organizing clinics is like herding angry cats (and owing money for it after) so I'm hesitant to put it on the to-do list quite yet. We'll see.
Still too chubby :)

As for my actual rides lately, they've been stinky at best. I've tried a few bits that should have been quieter in her mouth, and they all resulted in crazy-running-through-the-bridle-giraffe pony. Zero respect, and instead of needing to move her up into the contact, instead I was dealing with mouth gaping, bracing  steamroller pony with no brakes or steering. Fun times. Her talent for avoiding using herself properly is strong. In an effort to eliminate my hands as a suspect in all of this, I brought back her old bit and the trusty neckrope (hold it in addition to reins, it basically makes it so you cannot inadvertently pull or move your hands) and saw no difference...pony just doesn't want to go forward into contact consistently. There was an incredibly large, time consuming bit of a scene, but eventually she did go forward immediately when I put my leg on, without any dramatics. She does her vaulting classes on the lunge in side reins, but insider sources tell me she's been difficult there too of late and requiring multiple reminders about sucking back in the up transitions and falling through the down. Ughh, ponies.
Ginger recently using her smarts to stretch her topline herself. This was deliberate, and very funny as there was much groaning invloved.
Yesterday, I just didn't have it in me to handle any more pony 'tude, so I planned a long trail ride with a barnmate. When B started out by wobbling along and sucking back the nice loose rein trail ride I planned turned into a marching medium walk most of the way. Oh, and a canter which still required too much "encouragement" for my tastes.  She was sweaty and sad about that, but I had reached my limit of rude pony behaviour. EC told me a while ago that Bridget has abused the system long enough, she doesn't get to be ridden on a loose rein, meandering down the trail anymore until she deserves the reward. I was like "Ohh, harsh, we have to have fun sometimes!" But I think now I'm starting to see her point. Consistency in every.single.ride is going to be the only thing that might put the rude pony behavior to bed for once and all..
No rest for the wicked!



  1. Ugh- it's so hard to get them forward into contact if they don't want to. Then they get us to pull and it's a downward spiral.

  2. Consistency is hard but worth it! Discpline to do it is even harder! But I know you can :)

  3. Ponies are so so so tricky!! I'm excited for you and the changes you have coming up :)

  4. Cool about your boss letting you work from home and bringing B home!!! I'm so glad it all worked out.

  5. ooooh that's so exciting about working remotely! good luck getting it all planned out!

  6. so excited you get to work from home. I work from home 3 days a week and find i work harder/longer hours on those days so be diligent about watching your time. It is so easy to start working at 630 and then work thru till 5 pm. Set up an alarm so when it is time to play you get up and go out to your pony! :) We now have work going on in our building and cant use the office for 2 weeks so this should be interesting. I will either work myself to death or finally figure out how to turn my brain off. LOL on B being so bad on the trail :) HEE she must have been so mad at you by then. Glad she will be close by to you for a while! ENJOY!