Saturday 30 September 2017

Bit of an Update

I've had some good rides this week, and that's made a big difference in my motivation levels. For the past month or so, and honestly a good part of the summer, I've been kind of doing the fake it til you make it thing. I still enjoyed barn time, but it felt like one more thing on the to do list, if that makes sense.

It's such a head game with me, because now that show season is pretty much over and my coach is off travelling and enjoying some well deserved R&R,  I don't feel like I 'have to' ride on such a strict schedule. So,  of course, now riding is all I want to do!
Bridget: "C'mon, lazy human, get up here and let's go!"

The other thing that cheered me up a bit was that the girl who rides Bridget when I am away recently had similar comments with how she's been going with her and my coach (I'm never there to watch). And, they are both amazing riders, so maybe I don't need to blame all of the bad days on my riding, more on my busy schedule and less than effective communication skills (why did I assume I was the only one having not so stellar rides, when I actually haven't taken the time to talk to the other two, pretty much at all, lol?)
An accurate portrayal of my responses to their texts lately. Why type when one emoji is all you need? I fail at adult communication   lol
So, as mentioned, I have had a few good rides. I had a good lesson on Monday, and then a nice hack and a couple of decent flat rides. I havent jumped since forever, so i need to put that on the to do list. I have also started testing out bit suggestion #1. My coach has a wall of bits we're free to use, so I'm going to use that option before I start ordering things to try. Luckily,  she's got several of the bits you so helpfully suggested on my last post!. Wish me luck! I hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!

Heading out to the trails on best pony.


  1. Communication is effin hard! You get this plan in your head, how you're going be so nice but assertive and make point 1 2 3 and etc. And ehhhhhh the Tina Belcher moan comes out!

    Or maybe that's just me...😜

  2. She is an awesome pony! I'm glad that you are enjoying your rides

  3. Glad that you've had a couple good rides - good luck with the bit search!