Thursday 17 November 2016

Too Busy

I continue to fantasize about having the time to focus a little more on horses and riding. Sadly, I am not independently wealthy, nor am I young/talented/fit enough to make that a viable full time option. I suspect there is some middle ground somewhere, a lifestyle where there are enough hours in the day to have a career and personal life  AND learn how to ride and train without compromising. Right now, I don't have it, or even anything close to it. I'm pulled in a million different directions every day, and honestly, I'm feeling pretty burnt out and exhausted.

Blogging does help, it's a great way to organize my scattered thoughts on all things Bridget and riding. While part of me feels sorry for any readers who wade though such dry material, another part of me is glad I've kept this mostly a training diary...there's no pressure to be interesting or entertaining, it just is what it is :)

Anyway, surprise, on to yet another ride and lesson recap! First off, daylight hours and sunshine are sadly lacking in this part of the world come winter. I don't know exactly the last time I was outdoors in the sun, but I know for sure it must have been in September - we've had a very wet and dark fall. I hacked Q mare out in the dark last night and it wasn't the best. Cool weather = hot horses and probably for safety sake I should stick to daylight hours or lighted arenas on her. (She's not being overly naughty, just feeling good.) I'm planning on another lesson with her soon, I enjoy them with her.
Need more of this, please

On to Ms Bridget. Bridget lives in her own pen at night so we can ration her food. By the time I went to grab her last night, she had already put herself to bed in her pen, and was hoping for her haynet, not the halter I was carrying. Poor B!

Our lesson was more of what we worked on Monday night - keeping B straight and in front of my leg every stride, making those hind legs quicker. I don't know if it's the weather or the lack of turnout, or both, but she's been feeling a bit 'stuck' and stiff through her neck and back, which is a bit out of character for her. It's minor, but it definitely requires a longer warmup and some patience. It's been a while since my giraffe pony made an appearance.

In keeping with the theme of being too busy, I'm being too busy as a rider. I feel like I've improved, but I seriously need to work on NOT nagging the pony. I think a good part of B's current fussiness can be traced back to me. (The rest is her thinking moving her hind legs more is a dumb idea ;)

post lesson, about to be tucked into bed for real
Our lesson was actually really good. The funk is definitely real, but the canter is improving every ride right now, which is really exciting. The walk and trot continue to improve in teeny increments. Bridget is getting stronger and fitter, and sharper to react, while I'm learning how to ride it...all very good things!


  1. These posts are fun and entertaining! The girls are so freaking cute

  2. Sometimes its good to get a little rest to recharge (I'm currently doing that I think..) It's so easy to fall into the cycle of nagging! I take the bait everytime.

  3. Oh goodness...I can definitely relate to the cool weather = a hot horse. That's Emi exactly right now!

    I don't know many people who aren't pulled in lots of different directions. Hang in there and keep prioritizing.

  4. Aww I kinda hate feeling like I've interrupted the horse from her slumber or nap time for a ride lol... Sounds like a good lesson tho. Three cheers for steadily improving canters!!!

  5. It's so crazy how we mirror each other as riders and our ponies mirror each other! We're dealing with the stiffness/Giraffe-ing and busyness from me. So weird!

  6. She is so cute in her blanket! I feel you on being pulled in so many different directions :( Being a grown up (who is not independently wealthy) is not fun.

  7. Balance is the most difficult aspect of being a working adult amateur.