Thursday 6 October 2016

Storm Season

We're getting hit with our first big storm of the season tonight on the south BC coast. This is the one that always makes me nervous, because the first one is when the majority of damage seems to occur. With this being a coastal rainforest, of course there are multiple giant trees right outside my window and the ocean is smashing the cliff base below the house I rent here. The trees provide slope stability, so its better they stay...but on nights like this I wish they were slightly less apt to blow over and we humans had less of an attraction to building alongside the water :) Im putting a lot of faith right now in the geotechnical engineer people and the tree topping/inspector guy. My future farm design will not include trees within squishing distance of houses and barns!

Pictures would go here, if I had them, but they turned out uniformly black. I guess it was dark out today!

I need to get home for the long weekend, so I felt like I should get a ride in tonight, regardless of the weather. I went to the barn after work and was somewhat successful getting a ride in, but didn't push it. All the horses were super on edge, it's amazing how good they are at forecasting incoming weather. Added into the chaos of the day, a random llama who made a great escape from somewhere and decided to run around the perimeter of the farm, further terrifying the occupants.  Bridget and her elderly Arabian pony friend Scout were the only two whose brains remained intact tonight, seriously worth their weight in gold, the pair of them. I left them tucked in with rainsheets and big piles of hay, plus they have access to the barn if they want in, so let's hope they're cozy and settled and sleep well tonight. The lovely C (Q mare's owner) has volunteered to ride Bridget while I'm gone, so I'm sure she'll be in good hands.

Of course, I'm also thinking tonight of all those affected by the hurricane in Florida and on the east coast. Hoping everyone is safe and warm and dry tonight!



  1. Sending positive thoughts that the storm is mild!! I'm not a fan of storms so it's a good thing I live in an entirely landlocked area where we rarely ever get storms.

  2. Hoping for a mild storm for you! It's freezing here! Glad Miss Bridget kept her brain with the crazy weather coming, good pony :)