Tuesday 8 April 2014

You Know You Want A Pony!

I got an email from a contact who has this lovely little Sec D for sale, if anyone out there needs a pony (I know I do! ;)

She's 5 years old, 14hh. Still green under saddle, but quiet and safe. Has been driven quite a bit, and was started by a professional over the winter. It sounds like he took her out on the roads and trails and she did great. I know the breeder and have met and ridden this mare's dam and she's as pretty and sensible as they come as well. I won't lie, I want to buy her myself, but am not sure this is the right time for that!

I'm happy to pass on contact information if anyone out there is interested. (Except, you shouldn't be looking at her, because she's all MINE and Ginger totally needs a mini-me ;)