Tuesday 5 February 2013

Two weeks

I had a follow up appointment today and the verdict is that I'm supposed to keep quiet until I get checked again in another two weeks. No running, hiking, riding, driving or TV, - although being the funny guy he is he said watching Antiques Roadshow might be OK.
Also no stall cleaning, cooking, reading etc. I'm not sure what that leaves?

On the plus side, he stuck a bunch of needles in the joints in my neck and froze it, giving me instant headache relief.

I didn't mention to him the job interview I have coming up in two days. I booked it as far out as they'd let me in hopes I'd feel better. It's a perfect GIS job only a ferry ride from home in a city with a pretty cool local horsey scene. Hopefully it all goes well and by then I'm a little more on my game than I am now. If not it should make for a good story :)

Ginny is doing fine. I'm already missing my riding time. I really don't want that fall to turn into a Big Deal in my head, so I'm anxious to get back at it. At least the weather has been horrible, so it's been a little less tempting :)

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