Tuesday 12 February 2013


I'm still feeling really tired and worn out. Combine that with being stuck in the house the majority of the day and I'm starting to feel a little down. I'm going to be really happy to get back on my horse. I have to admit though, this concussion thing was a bit scary and as the days go by I'm getting less and less confident - I don't want to go through this ever again. The first couple of rides back are going to be tough, I think.

 G, being the protective kind of guy that he is, is currently all gung ho about getting me a 'safe' horse to ride or having Lainey come back from lease. I've tried explaining to him that no horse is really safe and what happened was not a result of Ginger trying to be bad. I know he understands that, and I do respect his concern. At some point I'm sure we will get another horse - something big enough and safe enough for him to ride and athletic enough for me to have a bit of fun with when I have a moment. For now, though, I'm enjoying just having the one. I know he'll help every day, but in the back of my mind I'll still feel like the horses are 'my' thing and therefore my responsibility. As we all know, Ginny will never go anywhere, so talk of another horse only makes me think "twice the work and money!". It's sweet of him to worry, but honestly, it only adds to my insecurities - I'd be happier if he seemed a little more confident in my ability to stay in the saddle! Ginny didn't help her own case with all the farrier drama of a few days ago - even me, with my usual endless patience for her, was a little frustrated after I got home and wishing for a ride on my quiet Lainey horse.

I've been taking Ginny out for short walks and lunged her for the first time in a few days yesterday and she's been absolutely full of it. This is a pony who needs a job.

I got another update on Lainey, apparently she's doing really well and they're showing 3' courses successfully now. Her young rider has done really well to move up so quickly, especially with a horse that's a bit on the green side over fences. I'm hoping they do purchase her next month when the lease is up. I'll miss her but it's such an ideal situation for her.

No news re: that interview last week and I'm getting more and more reluctant to move back to Alberta, so far from G. These past few months have been fun, but I've felt a bit like my whole life is in limbo. (Probably because it is!)


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