Wednesday 27 February 2013

I think she's feeling fine!

I went back up to the barn yesterday afternoon to check on Ms Gingersnap and do some changes to her blanket so we don't have a repeat. While I played with her blanket,  I thought I'd be a nice owner and let her out for a little bit of grass and a stretch. Rather than graze, she elected to do her interpretation of a bouncy castle. She tried to get the other horses into it, but sadly no one else was hearing the music :) It seems she's feeling no ill effects of the mornings' adventure.

Sorry the pics aren't the best, they were mostly taken at a distance with a cell phone:

Arabian tail. And oh so dirty socks.

Please don't do this while I'm riding. Thanks.

Prancy trot - trying to show off for the neighbouring gelding.

Looking for something to pretend to be scared of.

"OK, I'm ready to go back to my paddock now!"

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