Tuesday 27 March 2012

About Us! Part 4- The Situation

The title makes it sound like I'm about to involve you in some elaborate spy plot or gambling scam. Don't worry, it's just a post about my current set up as it pertains to the horses. Then you'll know all there is to know about us and we can progress to fun things like lesson recaps and the always exciting adventures of Ginger.

In the past, I've mostly kept my horses at home on the coast. I rode almost every day, and while I had great ambitions of eventing and was pretty religious about taking advantage of every clinic that came my way, the majority of my rides were spent out on the trails. Regular coaching was non existent, and forget about attending an event without a (very expensive!) ferry ride.
Now I'm on the prairies and still trying to decide whether I'm here to stay. So, for now, that means the horses are boarded. It also means real winter, and little to no trail access. On the plus side, there's a great coach on site and plenty of horse-y things going on most weekends and within an hours drive. Part of me also likes having someone else care for them. I can go away for a weekend and there's no stress. The current barn is wonderful, and the amenities are obviously much improved over what I would have at home. But no outdoor riding in the winter!
The bigger part of me misses having them close by and being able to spend quality time with them. I feel rushed working full time and trying to fit in barn time too. I'm frequently frustrated that I can't just pop in and see them. I'm also starting to realize just how much work I got done with them when I had that bit of time every day.
So, for the time being, Lainey has a half leaser and Ginger is being ridden by the trainer. I'm only riding them two to three times a week, including lessons on the weekends. I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have that, but that doesn't stop me from doing everything in my power to improve it and I hope to have some positive changes come late spring.

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