Tuesday 22 December 2015

Happy Solstice

It's one of my favorite days of the year, particularly as I live in the Great White Rainy North. Congrats, we've made it halfway and the days are getting longer, we'll see the sun again one of these days!

I finally made it home this past weekend and had a nice visit with my husband, G. Since I grew up without TV, there are tons of movies I've never seen and every once in a while we hide out and catch up on some of them, usually cheesy 80's stuff. This weekend it was Top Gun, Ladyhawke,and one called War Games I found much more amusing than I probably should have. Honestly, I suspect I found them all much more hilarious than was likely intended. The music in Top Gun and Ladyhawke in particular, oh my ;) At least there were some pretty horses!

Midge went out Christmas caroling with her favorite barn kid, which sounds like it was fun, but I was happy to be inside and warm at home. I'm kind of a grinch. I'd post pictures, but see above about dark and rainy - you can see her little blaze and some other shadowy horses and that's about it! Ginger had her favorite barn kids riding her all weekend too, but I think had less fun, even pony boot camp being boot camp and all. She whinnies to me every day, I think in hopes I will keep her and take her back to her favorite farm, but I'm holding strong and trying not to feel too sorry for poor drama mare, lol. In all seriousness though, she's settling in and has a few regular riders loving on her and keeping her occupied.

The more relaxed frame of mind I've been in lately snuck into my barn time last night. Being serious and focused just wasn't happening. Mentally I am remaining on vacation and anticipating my upcoming week off. Next year I am just going to book this week off, nothing is getting done (beyond me eating copious amounts of holiday chocolate) anyhow. 

My desk, show planning totally counts as getting things organized for 2016.
My attitude carried right on in to my lesson, so I was expecting it to pretty much be a write it off. Midge wasn't in the mood either - her barn kid adores her and lets her do whatever she likes, so after a weekend of that buckling down for a lesson with a meanie like me wasn't high on her list of fun things to do.

Midge's first (and I suspect last) clip thanks to EC. Apparently pony has super thick, non fluffy, swirly pony hair that isn't much fun to clip. Who'd have guessed?
 Surprisingly, ended up being one of the best dressage lessons I've had on Bridget. With no expectations on my part, everything felt more relaxed and "freer" than normal and I actually feel like I rode really well (for me, of course). I want to be better so badly that I am usually working much harder than I need to. So, once again, a reminder - while my crazy focus can be a good thing, I need to let go of the anxiety about getting things perfect and live in the moment/let it go  a little. 

Rogue photo app at it again, although the sparkly superstar thing suited for tonight. I should delete the app because it's been taking over my camera and photos, but phone is nearly dead and I'm kind of enjoying the random stuff I find.
Homework: Accurate, balanced transitions, ride large around the area and add in 10-15m circles every time I start to lose bend or softness or the tempo gets quick. Let the exercise work for me, don't fuss with Bridget or get in a fight. Focus on bigger steps, speed staying the same between big and small trot and canter. In particular, working on consistent correct left bend as that's our weaker side currently. Suggested exercise: ask her to bend left around my leg while travelling to the right, then return to right bend as soon as she offers left without a fuss. Lots of serpentines and changes of direction, start expecting her to balance herself consistently through the change of bend and canter transitions - ie less babysitting on my part, more effort on Bridget's :)


  1. i think it's so incredible how our expectations can so drastically affect outcomes, for better or worse sometimes (and it's definitely something i've been thinking about while riding two horses for which i have totally different expectations). anyway glad you're getting some time off and the ponies are being kept otherwise occupied with the kiddos!! :) and yay for the days getting longer from here on out!

  2. Glad you had a good lesson! For me being relaxed (and breathing - ha!) is half the battle. And also - you didn't have a tv growing up?! WHOA!