Tuesday 7 April 2015

TOABH: 18 Things

Happy Birthday Archie!

This week, Beka asks us to list 18 things we love about our horse.

Since we all know the million and one things I love about Ginger (and to save you reading 36 things), we'll pick the new girl for this one. I'm not even going to attempt a rhyme like Beka, so you get the less creative version :)

In no particular order, the things I love about Bridget:

1. I can take her anywhere and put her in any situation, and only rarely does she get upset or create any drama. Even then, she's cute so everyone forgives her.
Maybe her 10th ride or so, and she was cool to head to the lake for a swim with a big group of horses.

2. She happily drinks water on the trail. Puddles, creeks, lakes, whatever, pony is sensible and drinks.

3. She's scared of very little and trusts her rider if she's unsure of something.

4. She's kind. I can let anyone handle her and not worry.

5. She's wickedly smart and game for just about anything.

Particularly sleeping.

And eating.

6. If I have one of those rides where I hop on and regret not longeing first, it's not a potentially life altering mistake.

7. She stands tied wherever I tie her. No fussing.
Except she does know how to untie herself. But she doesn't leave the scene so we're cool.

8. She's actually got some kinda fancy moves hiding in that pony body.

9. She doesn't care what the horses around her are doing. Or even if they like her.
She's a gangster.

10. She's sturdy and tough, and an easy keeper - minimal feed and no shoes!

11. Bay with chrome. My weakness.

12. Not mare-ish (opinionated, yes, but fingers crossed, no crazy in heat nastiness)

13. She has a super luxurious mane and tail. And will stand for hours while you groom. My Little Pony for an adult!

Groom me more, please!
14. Comfy to ride bareback on.

15. If you fall, it's not that far, and chances are you weren't going very fast and deserved it!

16. Also, re: the above, she stops and waits for you, increasing the chances of successfully hopping back on and pretending nothing happened.

17. She's 'helpful'. Helps set up jumps, helps put on her halter or bridle, lines herself up with the mounting block or gate and waits. That sort of stuff.
"Human minion - put that one over there with the other one"

18. Super keyed into her people. Happy to stand around with you or follow you around with minimal supervision.Tries to get into the barn and open gates to come visit her people. G says she's more dog than horse.


  1. my little pony for adults - sounds awesome!! love little ms Bridget :)

  2. She sounds so adorable 100% pocket pony ♡♡♡♡

    1. She would live in our house and forsake her horsey friends if only we'd let her :)

  3. Awww da Midge! What a girl. :D

  4. You are so lucky. I have a puller. If you tie her, she pulls until something breaks. Except cross ties...

    1. Ditto this! Oh, the other horse who I hate is leaving? Let me show you the frantic power of my people.

    2. I had one of those too :( Fabulous in every other way, though so I eventually forgave her for sitting on her fat bum and ruining all my halters.

  5. Thanks for participating! :) She sounds like she's got just the best personality.

    1. Thank you for all the wonderful blog hops! Happy Birthday Archie :)