Friday 26 April 2019

April Resources

Welcome to yet another edition of my favorite things for the past few weeks! 

- Trailforks. I love this website and the app. Pretty much every trail in our local area is on it, along with trail conditions, elevations, difficulty, and distance. Our backcountry is a maze of trails and you could literally go for weeks, so having a reliable map is nice peace of mind for me when I'm out exploring. Plus, it's perfect for planning rides!

- Groundwork For Your Dressage Horse. Of interest to me, because I might just happen to have a baby pony I'm aiming towards a dressage career.

Camelina Oil. I added 2tbsp/day of this to Bridget's diet a month or so ago and her coat looks so much better! I went with this vs flax/flax oil because it stores a lot better and I only have 2 ponies so it takes a while to use even a small amount! I'm excited to see how she looks once she's done shedding.

- Horses Can't be Our Only Therapy. Via The Plaid Horse and Lauren of She Moved To Texas. Well worth a read.

- Hackett Equine. YouTube lovers might enjoy this channel. I like the common sense advice mixed with insights into a day in the life of a horse professional. The videos are well put together and I'm honestly surprised she doesn't have more subscribers.

- Behind The Stall Door With Honor Me. I love this horse, he's a 5* eventer, and there is a local connection. Plus he's half Welsh Cob. What's not to like?

- LRK3DE. I can watch Not Rolex and Honor Me from home. Perfect!

- This saddle pad. I'm intrigued. It might be nice for summer, and it's only $40 CAD.



  1. I don’t know if I should read these posts or not. I always end up clicking and checking things out......

  2. I was glued to the livestream all weekend- so nail biting!

    1. Besides a bit of dressage on Friday, I think I watched the whole thing!

  3. Interesting about the Camelina oil! I'll have to take a gander into that.

    1. It came recommended from a trainer friend, price point seems comparable to flax, AND there are a few Canadian suppliers. I won't pretend to be science enough to tell anyone whether it's better or worse than anything else, but it interested me as it's high in omega 3s which are anti inflammatory.

  4. For May you should check out FEI Campus!