Monday 6 June 2016

Rollin' Along

I've been not so great about the updates this past week...

- Wednesday, I had a jumping lesson on Ms B that felt all sorts of awkward and backed off. It probably looked alright, but as the rider it wasn't overly confidence inspiring. I felt like I needed to be 200% committed to getting to the other side while Bridget contributed about 0%. Honestly, I think she is finding jumping to not be overly fun or exciting anymore. She's more forward and involved in our dressage lessons, which is kind off odd, I guess. She's a fabulous pony, so if dressage turns out to be more her thing, I'm cool with that. For now, we'll mix it up and try to keep her interested and happy :)

- Thursday/Friday, I went to the gym instead of riding. I was feeling a little burnt out.

- Saturday, we went along on a fitness ride with one of the upper level horses and riders. I obviously modified the workout for Bridget, but it was nice to be out on the roads in the sunshine with no real agenda. B was all competitive for about .0001 of a second, before she realized keeping up wasn't going to happen. Poor pony.
Happy ears

-Sunday, it was baking hot and humid, and poor B was quickly out of gas, so we just did a quick jump school and then ventured out on the trails. I got all crazy and popped on Ginger when I got back and had a short ride, more for my own benefit than hers, since just getting on and not having any weird anxiety about her was a win. We just walked and trotted and generally had fun. It's odd - I used to be a little intimidated of how powerful the big mare felt, but now she actually feels a little weak and uncoordinated compared to Midge. Funny how perspective changes depending on what your normal ride is like.

Bad pic, but look at the dapples and the sporty shape Bridget is getting!
In other news, Bridget is going to try her hoof at being a vaulting pony for the little kids once a week. Essentially, she just needs to walk around while they jump all over her. I think she'll quite like all the attention and the easy job. In exchange, I get to borrow one of the upper level horses for jumping lessons once a week. He's huge and badass and I'm pretty excited. What a great learning opportunity!


  1. oh my gosh - what a tradeoff! letting Bridget (who looks fantastic, btw) play with the kiddos in exchange for a jump lesson on an ULH?!? ummmm YES PLEASE!! isabel would probably hate being a vaulting horse but i would probably (definitely) sell her down the river for that chance haha

  2. I became bored with jumping a long time ago. I may try it with Carmen as she comes along but it will be to mix it up. Maybe dressage is her thing. :)

  3. She is really starting to look like a sport horse!