Thursday 28 January 2016

Because Of A Nail

Because of a nail, my truck tire had  a catastrophic blow out Tuesday night.

Because my tire was shredded, and the spare was inaccessible, I was stranded part way home after my lesson.

Because it was late, no one would come to do a repair.

Because I had to wait until morning to get the truck towed/fixed, and had to rely on public transit I couldn't make it to my barn job in the am.

Because I am the master of vague texts, the message about me not being able to muck out was misunderstood.

Because the message was misunderstood, no one mucked the paddocks yesterday.

Because I felt bad and didn't want to make today's person do the work of two, I got up at dark thirty this morning to muck for the day prior.

Because it had been 36 hours of monsooning rain and 12 bored mares, you can imagine the amount of poo and muck I shovelled (thank goodness for best barn owner who came and helped).

Because my vehicle is still unavailable, my change of clothes/hairbrush/makeup I keep in there for my 9-5 job are also unavailable.

Because I'm dumb, I forgot that important fact this morning.

All that to let you know I'm sitting here at work and I smell like the poo of 12 discontent mares today :)

This one is pretty happy though, I swear she has gotten fatter since Monday!
And the capper...because I had to catch the bus I picked up some kind of deadly virus so not only do I smell bad, I sound like I have the plague (yes, I'm totally blaming the virus part on public transit ;)

The weekend can't come soon enough :)



  1. If the plague is anywhere it's definitely on public transit. Hope you feel better.

  2. omg noooooo.... ugh what a disaster!

    tho if it makes you feel any better, my barn mate just texted me saying she's sitting in her grad class reeking of horse manure so.... solidarity? :(

  3. Yikes! That sounds too rough. At least you get to see that adorable face though! And people use to not sit next to me in class in days I worked at the vet clinic. I understand that little bit for sure.

  4. Ooh noooooooo! Egads, that is rough. Cheers to the weekend, getting some sleep and feeling better <3

  5. Arg!! How frustrating! Thinking of you.

  6. Oh no :( Sorry to hear this. Hope things turn around soon. Hugs!

  7. oh dear. that was a bad day! is it wrong that I'm giggling at you sitting at work smelling of 'the poo of 12 discontented mares'?