Thursday 25 December 2014

Holiday Ride

Guess what, guys? Santa came a day early and brought me the sunshine and warmer temperatures I asked for! I KNEW I'd been good. Or, perhaps it's a Festivus Miracle!!  :)

Lets go get a head start working off some Xmas treats! Both Midge and I are looking too round for my liking. 
The ground is still so soggy. She'd better never be concerned about water or ditches on the x country course!

Love our winters - everything is still so green and cheery when the sun pops out
We just went for an hour spin around the neighbourhood and said hi to everyone,  just enjoying the day after a week of rainy training rides in the ring. Fingers crossed, both girls are in a pretty good place at the moment, as am I :) Hope everyone has a great holiday, whether it's hanging out with loved ones or just enjoying a mid week sleep in and a Netflix marathon. (I'll let you guess which I'd enjoy most lol!)
One more ears shot :)


  1. happy holidays! looks like a wonderful romp around the neighborhood :)

  2. Happy holidays!
    We had lovely sunshine his morning too, got a little cooler as the day wore on, can't complain though as at least it's not snowing yet! ;-)
    Have heard whispers of 20cms due over the weekend :-(

  3. Sounds like a great ride!! Those ditches are definitely great for desensitizing lol. Merry Christmas!!