Saturday 22 November 2014

Rainy Day

I did get out to the barn yesterday in an effort to continue boot camp and get Ginger out and about as well. I'm sure all of you can identify when I say real life has been kicking my butt lately and my barn time has either been non existent or quite rushed. Yesterday was no exception, and when I got to the barn a huge storm rolled in and started hitting us with really heavy rain and winds. Typical :)

Here's hoping the month of December is a little kinder to us!

Ponies got soaked while I brought them in. I`tried to make the best of it and treat it like an impromptu bath. Ginger got doused in coat conditioners, so maybe today she`ll be all shiny :)
Looking all proud in her cooler

Because apparently I only have one and Midge had to use towels 

Barn kitties of course have the right idea.
I did what little ground work I could with Midget in the barn aisle and she was way more tuned in than yesterday and actually pretty quick to respond to my requests. Baby pony patience was of course severely tested when she realized the day wasn`t all about her and she was just expected to dry off inside while I gave Ginger a spa day. She stood quietly enough by the end and I called it a win. I guess the rainshowers turned out useful after all!


  1. The cat is the only one who looks really happy in these pictures hahaha.

    1. I found it funny - I was soaking wet and miserable, ponies were upset by the wind banging the doors and the rain pounding the metal roof. I go into the tack room and kitty is all dry and peaceful and oblivious :)

  2. I love how chilled out the cat looks! At least you managed to do something productive with you're time the weather seems intense at the moment! heres to a better december!

    1. the only bright side to the floods we`re getting is these bad pacific storms are bringing lots of snow to the higher elevations - the ski hills are open early and everyone is excited about that!

  3. aww poor bridget and her dunce towels lol. glad you got in some productive work despite the circumstances!