Saturday 28 September 2013

You Can Take The Girl Away From Her Horses....

But she'll still be obsessed.

I went to try out a new (to me) running route this afternoon. I've been eyeing it up for a while via all the satellite imagery I deal with daily at work.  Real life did not disappoint - it's a beautiful park and the trails are really nice. It's a bit of a drive from where I'm currently located which is why it hasn't made my list of go to places. It was a beautiful sunny fall day, the temperature was just right, the trails had some nice inclines to add a little challenge, and for once I just felt good right to the end of my loop (I am the world's most naturally UNgifted runner. Seriously. I suck. So to finish without feeling like I'm dying/scaring passers by is pretty awesome all in itself :) There was even a rowing regatta taking place on the river right next to my trail, so I almost felt like I was being encouraged along myself with all the yelling and cheering coming from the rowers.

So what could have possibly been wrong with my day? I spent the whole run thinking:

A. How much more fun I would have riding my run route.

B. How the trails are wasted for hiking/running and would instead make a kick ass cross country course.

C. How fall is here and I've officially missed an entire summer of riding.

The trails. Seriously, how is this not a cross country course? :)

View along the river, just cause it's pretty by prairie standards
Actually, it was a pretty nice afternoon.


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