Tuesday 14 May 2013

Ginger Update May 2013

Ginger continues to enjoy her all inclusive vacation and has been behaving herself very well. The only 'bad' thing is she's become a little herd bound and calls for her friends when she's in her paddock, but no one is too worried about it. I think once she gets used to the routine and her place in the herd she'll return to her normal self.

The weather there has turned into an early summer so she gets to hang out in her paddock (and shade) all day, then gets turned out at night to eat the new grass. The farm owner writes that she's gained quite a bit of weight already, which is worrying because looking at the pictures she sent vs how I last saw Ginger, she looks pretty much the same ( my vet would actually love her weight)  but I still think she looks a bit on the light side for a cob. She must have stressed quite a bit on the trailer ride :( I'm going to have to have a talk with the vet before we ship her back home in the fall and see if we can manage things a bit better. But for now I'm not going to worry about it :) Here's some vacation pics, Ginger style:

Having a snack by the palapa

Having a drink with a friend
Checking out the hot guy next door
Her coat is looking pretty wild at the moment - the dark patches are whats left of her winter hair. It looks like she's going to be a beige-y color again this summer. Cool :)

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