Sunday 25 March 2012

About Us! - Part 2 - Lainey

Lainey is a coming 7 year old 15.3hh thoroughbred cross mare. I've owned her since she was 2. She's the queen of the world, and she knows it! Don't let her soft exterior fool you, she likes to keep the world in order. She's a fabulous trail horse for this very reason, because nothing frightens her. She's also wonderful with beginners because she takes great pride in looking after her herd. It's people like me that cause her a bit of worry. I have my own ideas about things and usually don't listen to her demands. Cue the sad whinnying, the heartbroken stares, the worried looks.
I imagine she is thinking: "How dare you pet that horse I haven't met! Is it safe?" "Here, let me get that dog away from you...he might bite!" "Are you sure you want to canter?'s just you seem a little off today"
Always so well intentioned, and everyone thinks she's the sweetest horse ever, but underneath is steel, I swear!

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