Wednesday 16 October 2019

Blog Hop: Playing Favorites

I thought this would be a fun rainy day diversion!

1. Favorite show venue:
The best one I've actually been to as a competitor is TBird...the amenities are great! Favorite to livestream is always Badminton Horse Trials.

2. Favorite discipline:
I've got to straight up admit it's dressage. I like the training puzzle and focus required. That being said, I'd burn out very quickly without trail riding and some jumping thrown in.

3. Favorite horse color:
Bay with a big blaze. Least favorite is palomino, so obviously we're sticking to the "good horse can't be a bad color" motto around here.

4. Favorite tack store:
The Dog n Pony Shop in Langley is probably my favorite "local" one. My visa statement says I buy most of my essentials from Derby House in the UK, though.

5. Favorite breed:
Welsh Cobs for the win. A short wide horse with some sporty attributes and a ton of attitude.
My first Welsh Cob, Ginger, definitely checked the breed and color boxes.

6. Favorite place to ride:
My favorite remains our local trails, especially the hour round trip hack to the lake. There's nothing extraordinary about it, but I've been gravitating to those trails a good part of my life. Second favorite was probably the XC camp in the interior of the province. Wide open spaces and a gorgeous back drop.

Bridget at "our" lake.

Near Pritchard, BC

7. Favorite piece of riding apparel:
I've got a couple of really nice Asmar and Horseware jackets (necessary for the rain here!) But if I go by my laundry pile, I wear my Derby House silicon riding tights multiple times a week. They're maybe $40, comfy, and perfect for my current routine of mucking and doing chores, then hiking and/or riding. I wouldn't say they're overly flattering on me, but apparently I'm a comfort/function person right now, lol

8. Favorite horse related web site:
Tough one. The ads and links on the Horse and Hound website drive me nuts, but I do read it. I read CoTH, too, but it's pretty US centric. I'm open to suggestions!

9. Favorite piece of tack:
Honestly, I own nothing right now that I wouldn't be open to upgrading. So, I'll go with some of the random items Bridget won over the years because sentimental value. A couple of otherwise ordinary sets of boots for eventing, some brushes and shipping boots, and a nice black saddle pad I'll probably keep forever :)

Sophie wearing some of Bridget's winnings.

I used to ride my coach's horse in a County Epiphany saddle, and hacked a friends horse in an Antares Spooner. My butt liked both of those a lot and if I ever find a saddle fitter locally they'll be my first two things to try on Sophie.

I do quite like these browbands I got from Bexs Browbands

10. Favorite horse book:

I have a HUGE library of books. I can't pick a favorite. Top three I always come back to:
Special mention to anything Carl Hester too, his books are similar to these - complicated things made simple through genius explanations and images.

11. Favorite horse movie:
Man From Snowy River

Feel free to share and add/delete questions as you wish. I'd love to read about some of your favorite horse things.


  1. oooh fun!! and actually i'm really all in on the derby house bandwagon right now too and have gotten a couple things from them. particularly, their house brand denim breeches have rapidly turned into my absolute favorite riding pants. i only wish they were full seat!!

    1. It's shocking to me how much cheaper things are there...I mean the quality isn't the very best but it's more than decent enough and half the price of similar items I find in Canada. I want to try those denim breeches!

  2. Nice! Am totally going to steal these Qs for blog material! :-) I just discovered Derby House and came *thisclose* to order a Santa winter blanket for my 16.3hh horse. lol

    Good movie choice - that was my fav as a kid. Not sure but I might replace it with Hidalgo now.

    1. Some of the patterns tempt me for Bridget...just because she's cute but oh so serious I think it's fun to dress her in ridiculous patterns. As far as quality for price, I can recommend the DH Pro blankets - pretty basic construction but they held up to a winter of west coast weather and are still waterproof this year.

  3. Fun hop! I will definitely squirrel it away for later :)

  4. I love this hop!
    And I LOVE that browband - so dainty and refined.

  5. They're pretty simple but she'll custom make whatever colors you want and I think they're about $50 delivered? I have been using them on both ponies' everyday bridles for about a year now with zero problems. I love some of the more pricey ones but my reality is that I'm mean to my tack and it's only a matter of time before I wreck stuff :)