Sunday, 24 December 2017

Budget Christmas Shopping

For myself and Bridget, cause I'm grinchy like that. Anyone else take advantage of the holiday sales to stock up on stuff for themselves? Surely I can't be alone in this?

Since I am excessively budget conscious, I first keep a list of things I "need" and the cheapest price I can buy it for. No spur of the moment shopping here. Things can sometimes sit on the list forever, especially if it's more of a want than need, but if it's been on the list more than a couple of months it's a pretty safe bet I'll eventually buy it.

I did buy compressed hay yesterday at the feedstore tho, for 21.95 a bale(!) to last until the hay truck comes (when I will save money by paying $570/ton for timothy). The fun part of being isolated, hay is NEVER on sale, part of my weak justification for being grinchy elsewhere in life.

Anyway, first on the list. I needed a new helmet desperately. Horselife is closing out, and has lots of high end helmets on sale. I opted for this one at half price tho:

Still too nice considering how often I fall off. Ovation Z-6, I actually love it.
Next up, I wanted a short sleeved shirt I could wear at shows when jackets are waived. I have a couple of lovely Asmar long sleeves, but both are white and the white on white look isn't flattering on someone as round as myself. So, I ordered this one. At $25 courtesy of, I figured it was worth a try.
Horse Blaire shirt in navy blue
A very long term resident of my wish list has been new tall boots. I am short and round and finding anything in my budget that fits is very difficult. Ive had my Mountain Horse richmonds forever, so the heels are worn almost off and the stitching is coming undone. I'm not confident they'll make it another year. I had originally bought a pair of Ariats to replace them a couple of years ago, but they have not held up at all and the zippers never really did stay up. The Mountain Horse ones ended up being put back in service. So, I was excited when I found this old stock of treadstone boots on eBay...all in my size! Best part of all, they are super sale priced, at under $100, even with shipping from the UK. Totally worth a try, right? If they save me from ordering custom for even one more year, I'll be happy.

Finally, I ordered this blanket for B on a half price sale.

It's a Horseware Mio blanket, discounted to $50. Fingers crossed it works well enough to use as a spare. So far, the polka dot one is still going strong!

As of now, my wish list is down to one item - short (52"-54") black stirrup leathers for my dressage saddle. Oh, and actually if my dressage saddle could come home sometime from being reflocked and getting new billets at the fitters that'd  be cool too! So maybe the leathers can wait.

Phew, can you believe I only spent $225 on all that (if we don't count the hay, obviously)?  I actually had money left over to buy presents for other people;)



  1. ooooooh those are some nice snags!!! i will be replacing my helmet sometime in the not so distant future and it's really bummin me out lol. they're so expensive! what a great find about those boots too - it's such a PITA finding boots that fit sometimes!

  2. Those are great deals. I plan to do some shopping post-christmas too. :)

  3. i love the horseware sheets and blankets, that is all remus wears not the mios and the amigos. He has a weatherbeeta but the sheet i bought in the same size came to his knees. Um no. So i sent that back and got another Amigo (IN PURPLE NO LESS). So yay. I am glad you bought yourself some things. I bought my stirrup leathers for myself and a new horseware coat for winter and so on and so on. WAIT were we supposed to buy for others/ LOL HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  4. LOVELY sale items and daaaang, that final price! Definitely winning. I do the same thing with sales, tho not this year. Just livin' vicariously through others ;-)

  5. I did buy myself quite a bit of stuff recently. I was pleasantly surprised by a couple sales and took advantage (also realized I wasn't really getting anything for christmas so needed to boost my spirits a bit)

  6. I also love bargain hunting! I actually got that shirt in the long sleeve version from my parents for Christmas and really like it so far! What a great find with the blanket!